Support group is created by following 2 methods;

We at Wellness We Care center create support groups according to the health care courses that we offer.

  • The 1st method : Non-profit organizations such as the U.S. National Cancer Institute, American Caregiver Association, etc. are supporters or sponsorers for creating support group by making an appointment with members of the organization who have the same problem, providing the venue and equipment for meetings and group activities, providing health care professionals to assist in the implementation of the initial training, etc. All support groups in Thailand that were also created by this method.
  • The 2nd method : Individual who has a specific problem, looks for others who have the same problem and creates the group with support from involved organization or by doing it themselves without organization support.

The support groups created by either the 1st or the 2nd method have the same features. It means that it is a group of people with the same problem coming together as a group without any motivation or force from outside people.