Four diet recipes (Atkins, Zone, LEARN, Ornish)


Weight loss with different formulas are divided into 4 recipes.

1. The low carb recipes from Dr. Atkins which emphasize that carbohydrates from starches and sugars are at a minimum level of 20g / day and use calories from fat instead, shifting from carbohydrate to fat metabolism
2. A formula with balance calories distribution (Zone Diet) from Dr.Sears. As a chemist, there is a principle of eating according to the ratio of carbohydrates, fats, proteins at 4-3-3.
3. A high-carb, low-fat diet with lots of veggies (LEARN Diet) formula provided 55-60% of energy from carbohydrate and only 10% energy from fat, but this term has the meaning of lifestyle, exercise, attitudes, relationship and nutrition which mean doing many things combine together.
4. Ornish diet formula from Dr.Ornish a cardiologist who focus on vegetarianism with only 10% calories from fat, the rest of energy is from carbohydrates. 
From the 4 mentioned formulas above, it depends on each person’s preferences to choose any method to lose their weight.  Each person has different results from each formula.

There is a research comparing all 4 formulas from Stanford by an expert directed for 2 months and then follow up for another 10 months. The conclusion is Dr. Atkins formula resulted in average weight loss of 4.7 kg, Zone Diet formula, average weight of 1.6 kg, while the group of Dr. Onish formula, average weight loss 2.2 kg, is equal to Dr. Atkins  Dr. Atkins formula provided the best results.

Soon after, there is a research comparing low carbohydrate, but higher fat formula from Dr. Atkins with low fat meals generally used for weight loss 3 months pass The low-carb group results in approximately 6.8% while the low-fat group result in  approximately 2.7%. however, a 1-year follow up Show very small significant difference for rate of weight loss The average low-carb group was 4.4% and the low-fat group was the average 2.5%. In summary, losing weight with low carbs diet would lead to good weight loss in the beginning, but over time it was almost no different from other recipes.

Another new study using a large sample size and longer duration with diet formula as followed 
Group 1 Calories from fat 20%, from protein 15% from carbohydrates 65%.
Group 2 Calories from fat 20%, from protein 25% from carbohydrates 55%.
Group 3 Calories from fat 40%, from protein 15% from carbohydrates 45%.
Group 4 Calories from fat 40%, from protein 25%, from carbohydrate 35%.

According to the results of 2 years, the first 6 months of all groups showed that the average weight decreased of 6 kg. After 2 years, the average decreased was by 4 kg which was considered no different. Finally, it can be stated that there is almost no difference in all diets formulas for weight loss when look in long-term effects.  So you can choose to eat as you like

Anyone who chooses  Dr. Atkins' formula, don't be mistaken to eat lots of meat,  less vegetables, but need to focus on fiber-rich fruits and vegetables instead of high-sugar fruits, together with protein and animal fats. But if anyone doesn't like to choose the vegetarian style, Dr. Ornish’s is also interesting. His recipe emphasizes who should eat what and provide properly, such as nuts, apples, watermelon, pine apple, vegetables, grains which you can always eat. Some should eat properly such as milk, skim yogurt, fat-free cheese and some should not eat at all, such as oily food, alcohol, fresh milk, sugar and they should be divided into smaller meals, to reduce hunger.
After all, every formulation needs to be rigorously exercised in order to maintain metabolism, reduce stress, meditation, squeezing and massage, all factors affect weight loss, not just diet.