Hypothyroidism, 100 kg body weight, so stressed!


I’ve been diagnosed with  hypothyroidism for 5 years now.


-    Can I take diet pills (herbs) and will my weight be reduced, or won’t?
-    Is there any way to help lossing weight? Because now, stress is accompanying.


I need the answers from the questioners on the following 4 points.

1. What is the type of your hypothyroidism? Is it caused by the gland (primary), or because of the brain (secondary)? The hint is thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), if it is high, it is caused by the gland. If it is low, it means that the cause is from the brain. Brain investigation is needed such as CT or MRI for the brain images to see if there are any tumors on the pituitary gland or not, etc. 

2. Is your hypothyroidism sufficiently treated? Importantly, has the stimulating hormone (TSH) level returned to normal level? If the hypothyroidism is still present, obesity won’t go away.

3. Is there also pre-exist-anemia? What was the latest blood test result? Because if anemia exist, it means the hormone that stimulates blood production (erythropoietin) is still low. We need to find out the cause why the metabolism is low, otherwise obesity cannot be resolved.

4. The list of medicines currently taken is also needed. Because some medications such as amiodarone and antipsychotics may directly alter thyroid functions. These causes need to eliminated beforehand.

Let's say all four problems are solved. Now, we gradually come to discuss about losing weight together.

-    In regards to eating herbs for weight loss, until today, there is no any scientific evidence to support whether any herbs can seriously reduce obesity.
-    About losing weight, there are three main things you need to find out more on your own: 

1. Calorie-burning exercises.
2. Nutrition for calories reduction.
3. Steps for behaviour modification

In medical field, there is a theory called the Stage of Change Model, which divides the stage of transforming into 6 stages as follows:

  1. There is no  interest (Precontemplate) , not yet seriously taken for the next 6 months.
  2. Showing interest but waiting for auspicious time (Contemplate) interested in doing so but still waiting a bit. 
  3. Decision making stage (Preparation) earnestly intend within no later than a month from now to actually do it. 
  4. Taking action, (Action) action has been already done continuouly but in less than six months. 
  5. Sustainable action (Maintenance) has been done continuously for more than 6 months, still trying to do so.
  6. Achieved stage, (Termination) behavior can be certainly changes, never ever go back to do the old style again

In this path, you need to support yourself between persistence and temptation. You must be firm in the intended direction. To be successful, you must continue to strengthen your tenacity every day and minimize the temptation to the least, and success will happen to you.


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