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Changing your lifestyle isn't easy, especially on your own. "Good Health by Yourself" program is designed to impart knowledge, skills and attitude required take control of your own health. 

We focus on four vital aspects of healthy living —
- A wholesome plant based diet
- Exercise
- Stress management and 
- Positive social interaction

Our 2 days and 1 night program in Wellness We Care center helps you understand how small changes in lifestyle and eating habit's can have a big impact on your health.

Under the guidance of Dr. Sant Caiyodslip, M.D and Chief Wellness Officer, our participants learn about necessary skills to successfully develop, implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Program allows participants to understand:
7 risk factors (Weight, Physical activity, Blood sugar, Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Healthy diet and Smoking) of chronic disease as per American Heart Association. 
Scientific research outcomes on food and health, Stress management and role of good social support for a healthy life
Reading and interpreting food labels, how to cook healthy food at home, different types exercises and sleep hygiene

In GHBY program a small group of around 30 people spend a relaxed weekend with Sant Chaiyodslip, M.D, at Wellness We Care Center, Muak Lek. Set in a peaceful and undisturbed natural setting, the program focuses on four vital aspects of healthy living — a wholesome plant-based diet, exercise, stress management, and positive social interaction.

This program also sets up “friend helps friend” group for participants in order for them to exchange views, learn and help each other in future with atmosphere of intimate and informal conversation.

This program provides participants to understand simple 7 risk factors of chronic disease as per American heart association (AHA) and equips participants with adequate knowledge of scientific research outcomes on food and health, stress management, exercise and group support.

Participants also learn practical aspect of how to read and interpret food labels, healthy cooking, and various types of exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene along with helping participants to understand various stages of making changes, developing support groups and staying motivated.

By the end of the program participants would have developed not just knowledge and skills but also right attitude to take control of their health.

At  Wellness We Care, have conceptualized the program in a manner that you can understand how small changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits can have a big impact on your health.

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