Spiritual retreat camp is aimed at getting you away from working and hectic lifestyle by taking you through 4 day 3 nights stay at Wellness We Care Center. You will enjoy cozy environment with serenity, scenery of nature and relaxation which is a nice place for exploring peace from your within. The camp has been designed into a small group of people in order to maximize close participation with Dr.Sant Chaiyodsilp. This camp is really good for people who are confronting with boredom, discouragement, sadness, distress on daily basis or being stuck with something in the past caused from strong binding in being persona intuitively. You will learn how to change the way of living, thinking and spirituality by focusing just now both theoretically and practically. In addition, you will be guided in exploring how to unleash yourself from whatever bondages inside that can make your life being more calm, meaningful and valuable.    

Program Details

This 4 days program starts with participants taking a look within themselves using facilitated discussion and meditative techniques. Second day is about practicing different ways to be more conscious about present using techniques of Yoga and Tai-chi and sharing experiences with fellow participants. Day 3 the journey into mind and consciousness continues with sound and vibration, group activities and one on one mentoring with our experts and therapists. On last day of this program you get familiarized with ways to peaceful living, ways to practice disengagement (duality vs non duality) and spiritual awareness.

For more details on day wise plan please download the program brochure.


Available Date

Next program will announced shortly