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1 Day Course on Mindfulness Based Treatment for stress reduction for general people and patients who do not need regular assistance of full time care givers.

It is proven that constant stress & negative emotions makes an individual vulnerable to numerous chronic diseases. When you learn to become mindful, you can easily shield yourself from negative emotion and manage stress.

Our one-day camp focuses on mindfulness, to help you bring the perfect balance to your life.

Mindfulness consists of two aspects, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Treatment (MBT)keeping blood pressure at normal levels.

MBSR is an amalgamation of yoga, mindfulness meditation and physiological-education. This not only relieves stress, but also keep other body processes in sync by maintain

Steps necessary for both MBT and MBSR include self- discipline, breath observation, body, scan, movement, muscle relaxation, mindful eating, thought recognition, medication, endurance, social discipline, accepting inevitability of death and RAIN (Recognize, allow, investigate and non-identification) technique

In this program our experts will take you through all steps related to MBSR and MBT in a detailed manner- elaborating benefits of mindfulness, and guide you to enhance your skills on practicing mindfulness in a step by step manner

Program Details

Habits can have a big impact on your health. In this day long program along with enjoying delicious plant based whole food meals and snacks, you will be familiarize yourself with your nervous systems and then move on to understanding techniques of how to control your mind and thoughts, staying in the present and being mindful even when you are moving and even eating. You will get time to meditate, scan yourself mentally, relax and cope up with pain with mindfulness.
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