Allergy We care

Allergies are a common disease in the world’s population. It can be found in all genders and almost all ages. As for Thailand, current data shows that up to 1 in 3 of the Thai population suffers from allergies. And allergies tend to increase with the urban lifestyle, whether stressed or inadequate rest.Exposure to pollution inside and outside the home, whether it’s cigarette smoke, incense smoke, smoke from car exhaust pipes, or industrial plants that cause air pollution as PM 2.5, are all risk factors that increase the chances of developing respiratory diseases and allergies.It also results in more severe allergic symptoms affecting the quality of life. In addition, after recovering from COVID-19 infection, we may have to experience the symptoms of Long COVID that make our bodies not as strong as before, especially respiratory disorders.

Allergy WeCare Clinic at Wellness We care Center understands the discomfort you suffer from allergies that interfere with your daily life. We, therefore, designed a respiratory and allergy rehabilitation program. So that you can breathe with full lungs, breathe easier and more efficiently.Strengthen the immune system with a holistic approach to care, emphasizing integrated care and treatment for patients covering physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects with Thai traditional medicine that focuses on treating allergy symptoms with herbal medicine together with Ayurvedic science, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle changes in terms of dietary modification that focuses on low-fat plant-based foods, exercises to enhance the performance of the respiratory system, stress management and adequate sleep. To restore balance to respiratory health and treat allergies. Let you recharge your happiness amid a peaceful green space that helps you relax and experience fresh nature and improves the efficiency of the treatment for rehabilitation of the respiratory system and allergies.