Health Camp

We serve as a hub for disseminating knowledge and developing skills in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases through lifestyle modification, a low-fat plant-based diet, exercise and mindfulness-based treatment, mental rehabilitation management, attitude modification, and healing from the inside, according to the concept that “everyone can take care of their own health” (self-Remedy). All of this will be the starting point and heart of being healthy. The training format is a health camp for individuals and organizations to learn and hone the skills required to make lifestyle changes. Our courses are designed under the principles of modern medicine with scientific evidence and research.


“I learned a lot in attending this camp which is a combination of modern medicine and alternative medicine.”
“I’m a cancer patient. I got cancer twice because i can’t take care of myself properly.”
“My mother started to have health problems. It is the moment when we are looking for a way to heal how to fight against this disease.”
“Learning to meditate and let go of the mind. I am impressed with everyone’s teaching, especially regarding breathing.”
“I thought it was cancer, but I wouldn’t treat it with chemotherapy.”