Women We care

Women of different ages have different healthcare needs because women’s health in each stage of life changes according to their physical development, including deterioration of health due to increasing age and the use of various organs that are not the same in each age group. Therefore, women’s health problems are different.

Women between the ages of 20-34 begin the development of complete reproductive hormones. Health problems that are often found at this age include irregular menstrual problems, menstrual pain, acne, and skin problems, which may be caused by hormones, and weight problems.

For women between the ages of 35-44 years, various signs of the body began to show because women aged 35 years and over have multiple responsibilities and don’t have time to take care of themselves, including having no time to exercise, resulting in various problems such as body weight and metabolism problems, complexion, body shape, eyesight, bones, brain, and memory, and stress. It affects physical, emotional, and mental health, affecting the overall quality of life. At this age range, some people get married and have families, so it is significant for women’s health before and during pregnancy until after birth.

Women aged 45 years and over are at the age when the body can’t repair the worn-out parts as efficiently as before. Begin to enter menopause When women enter the menopausal period, “hormones” are one of the essential health variables, be it sex hormones, growth hormones, thyroid hormones, or hormones from the adrenal glands. Therefore, maintaining hormonal balance is something that women should pay attention to. To work in harmony with each other in a balanced way.

Holistic health care is the key to achieving optimal health in all stages of life for women, which leads to slowing down deterioration, and illness, maintaining strength, beautiful and bright from the inside out. Get to know your health in depth for sustainable good health care planning. Women We care Clinic at Wellness We Care Center uses the principles of holistic women’s health care in every dimension to achieve optimum health at each stage of life. It covers physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social aspects with the integration of Thai traditional medicine that focuses on natural and herbal therapies combined with Ayurvedic science, nutrition therapy, and lifestyle modification that allows you to feel the health change from the inside out From hormones, mood, mind, and blood circulation to return to balance again.