We Care Kitchen serves plant-based, whole-food, low-fat foods that have been shown in research to prevent and reverse chronic disease. Plant-based, whole food, and low-fat mean plant-based, unprocessed, and unrefined. All of our dishes are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Meat-free includes meat products such as milk, butter, eggs, and cheese; additionally, no oil is used in our cooking. We only use unrefined ingredients, such as brown rice and whole wheat flour, to make our food vitamin-rich, essential mineral-rich, low-energy, low-fat, no-cholesterol, high-fiber, and with great flavor.

To accommodate a variety of cuisines, we established six healthy vegan food categories. allowing everyone the opportunity to sample a range of vegan delicacies, including healthy Thai food, Isaan Wonder Food, healthy fast food, vegan food from across the world, farm-to-table menus, and healthy drinks.

Thai cuisine is widely regarded as one of the most diverse in terms of vegetables, herbs, and flavors. In the corpus of knowledge of western medicine, such as Thai traditional medicine, cooking is referred to as “medicine” or “elemental food” However, Thai food has been adapted to the modern world, resulting in a decrease in the variety of vegetables and herbs, as well as raw materials and ingredients that are high in saturated fats from animals and oil as well as sugar and salt, giving Thai food a high nutritional value that is obscured by the benefits of added ingredients, thus becoming a silent threat without being aware of it. WeCare Kitchen intends to promote Thai food as a healthy low-fat vegetarian menu to be internationally famous for Thais and people worldwide to gain the benefits of a variety of Thai vegetables and herbs rich in vitamins and minerals that will help prevent and reverse chronic diseases.
Isaan food is another popular category of menu items due to its strong flavor, which appeals to people’s palates and can be found in all regions of Thailand. We created Northeastern vegetarian menus without meat but still flavored in the original Isaan. To allow everyone to appreciate the flavor of local vegetables as the seasons change. We hope that the development of vegetarian Isaan dishes will be one of the motivators for more people to eat vegetarian.
During peak hours, fast food is very convenient for many people, but it frequently contains processed foods high in saturated fat and sodium, which is classified as a food that is high in energy but low in nutritional value. WeCare Kitchen creates a quick meal menu with low energy but high nutritional value to keep everyone healthy even during a busy day.
At WeCare kitchen, we’ve created menus based on the variety of foods and ingredients. Because the more varied the ingredients, the more nutrients we consume. We chose the highlight menus from various nations worldwide to create a low-fat vegetarian menu for everyone to experience international vegetarian cuisine and benefit from global ingredients.
At Wellness We Care, we have an organic local vegetable farm and seedling nursery that will lead everyone to experience, taste, and get to know a variety of sprouts. Growing sprouts are a powerhouse of healthy nutrients. We have created a menu paired with local vegetables, herbs, and fresh sprouts from the farm so that everyone can benefit from our menu as much as possible.
Today’s beverages are loaded with calories, sugar, saturated fat, and additives, and regular consumption results in subsequent health problems. As a result, we intend to develop a diverse selection of non-harmful beverage menus and hope that our beverages will be one of the tools and spaces that attract people of all ages to achieve and realize good health. We gather raw ingredients from various sources, including vegetables, herbs, fruits, tea, and coffee beans. They were created as a drink menu with 100% fruit smoothies with fruit pulp and no sugar, tea, coffee, herbal tea, and fermented tea drinks to help balance the intestines.