WeCare Program

The ever-changing world around us impacts our physical and mental health, causing anxiety, stress, and various other health issues. Amid the serene nature of Muak Lek, Saraburi, Wellness We Care offers Wellness Stay, a program created to revive your body and mind, along with therapies that improve balance and boost immunity to reduce the risk of long-term disease. Recharge your happiness by balancing your body, mind, and spirit with Alternative Medicine science and a team of specialists in lifestyle modification with comfortable accommodations surrounded by mountain views and shady nature that relaxes you. Eating food made entirely of natural ingredients, without meat, with plant-based, whole-food, low-fat nutritional principles aids in relaxation. It profoundly revitalizes your body and mind, re-establishes your inner balance physically and mentally, empowers you, and restores your natural vitality, allowing you to rediscover the true joy of being healthy.

Our accommodations blend in seamlessly with nature. Hotel-style rooms are available in the Wellness V-Care health center area, surrounded by fresh and beautiful nature with an expansive, comfortable-looking lawn. All our rooms were designed to be compact and blend in with the surroundings, or you can stay at V Care Farm Stay. Mulberry farmhouses amidst nature and privacy are ideal for those who enjoy the peace and want to be close to nature while surrounded by mulberry trees, vegetable farms, and herb gardens.

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