CHOLEZZ Coffee helps reduce cholesterol—a choice for people with dyslipidemia who are addicted to coffee.
CHOLEZZ is a coffee developed formula by Wellness We care and manufactured by Mega We care. Our objective is to allow those who love to drink coffee but have dyslipidemia problems to enjoy drinking coffee as usual and also help reduce blood cholesterol.
CHOLEZZ coffee is suitable for:
➢ People who want to control lipid levels
➢ People who are at risk of dyslipidemia.
➢ People with diabetes.
➢ People who have dyslipidemia and want to control it without medication.
➢ Those who are ineffective in treating dyslipidemia with medication.
➢ People who take cholesterol-lowering drugs with side effects such as muscle aches and elevated liver enzymes.

* Only sold at Wellness We care Center