Mr. Vivek Dhawan as a speaker in the TCLA Executive Development Program (EDP)

01 December 2023


On November 21, the Thai Listed Companies Association honored Mr. Vivek Dhawan, CEO and chief Coach of Mega Lifesciences Public Company Limited, as a speaker in the TCLA Executive Development Program (EDP). He directly conveyed his experience on “GHBY Driving Growth Sustainability,” at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok. Mr. Vivek has applied the principles of GHBY (Good Health by Yourself) principles in the Mega We Care organization. It is the creation of a Wellness Corporate in an organization that focuses on giving employees good health through simple, do-it-yourself methods. When employees are healthy and happy at work, the organization will also be good and passed on to customers, partners, and society to create sustainability.
TLCA Executive Development Program (EDP) is an intensive program with direct experience from senior executives in various industries. Therefore, it is true knowledge sharing from highly experienced speakers, including perspectives and preparation going forward, that will help develop executives’ potential at various levels.

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