Wellness We care organized a Camp for Executives

08 September 2023


On September 2-3, 2023, Wellness We care organized a Camp for Executives to create a healthy society, a new way of managing Corporate Wellness (2 days and 1 night). The camp participants are 24 executives from the Thai Listed Companies Association, the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Content and activities suit executives or organization leaders to develop and build a healthy organization or Corporate Wellness. Camp participants learned and practiced various skills with experts in the field for 2 days and 1 night, including :
• The concept of health town towards a health organization
• 8 health indicators or Essential 8
• Guidelines for preventing and reversing chronic non-communicable diseases or NCDs
• Practice mindfulness and stress management
• Corporate Wellness Initiative Group Workshop
• Practice exercises to train strength and muscle flexibility.
• Practice assessing your physical fitness using the six-minute walk test.
• Plant-based nutrition and standard nutritional advice.
• Sleep hygiene
In addition to learning and practicing various health skills, it also sparks ideas for executives to start a Corporate Wellness project to develop further within the organization and is ready to move into action to create a healthy organization for sustainable growth.
Wellness We care was very honored to be a part of driving society to a healthy society. Also, a healthy society in the workplace is important and not difficult to achieve but relies heavily on the driving force of the organization’s leaders.

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